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Why choose an Insolvency Practitioner over a Debt Solver or Pre-Insolvency advisor.



Insolvency Practitioner

When financial challenges begin to mount and debt becomes overwhelming, seeking professional guidance is essential to navigating the complex landscape of insolvency and debt management.

In such situations, individuals and businesses often contemplate consulting either debt solvers or pre-insolvency advisors. However, there exists a more comprehensive and regulated option – the insolvency practitioner.

This article explores why choosing an insolvency practitioner over other alternatives is often the wisest decision when facing financial distress.

Understanding the Roles

The Insolvency Practitioner

An insolvency practitioner (IP) is a highly trained, licensed professional with a deep understanding of insolvency laws, procedures, and regulations, who are closely regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (‘ASIC’).

They are authorised to assist individuals and businesses in financial distress by providing expert advice, facilitating negotiations with creditors, and overseeing formal insolvency procedures if necessary. IPs are well-regulated and adhere to ethical standards, ensuring their clients receive reliable and knowledgeable guidance.

All of the highly skilled IPs at Rodgers Reidy offer a free initial consultation to review your financial position and provide recommendations as to the best steps in moving forward.  Even if you are not insolvent, our IPs can assist with the very best business restructuring and turnaround advice.

Debt Solvers

Debt solvers, often referred to as debt settlement companies, promise to negotiate with creditors to reduce the amount of debt owed. While this might seem appealing, these companies lack the same level of expertise as IPs. Although any recommendations provided might seem appealing, it is important to read the fine print as they might not provide a comprehensive solution or a solution that best fits your requirements.

Agreements made with creditors are not always formal, which could potentially leave clients vulnerable to legal actions from creditors.

In some instances, the fees charged by Debt Solvers have ultimately been in excess of the reduction in debts achieved.

Pre-Insolvency Advisors

Pre-Insolvency advisors in Australia are relatively under-regulated; although there is a range of Codes of Ethics and Professional Standards that may apply, they only apply where the individual is a member of a specific profession or association.

A competent pre-insolvency advisor should look at the individual’s and business’s financial position, relating to asset protection and ongoing viability, to enable them to come up with an appropriate strategy. While they can provide valuable insights, their role may be limited to providing advice rather than actively managing the entire insolvency process.

The charges incurred by engaging with a pre-insolvency advisor could potentially put more financial strain on an already struggling business.

The Advantages of Consulting an Insolvency Practitioner

Regulation and Expertise

IPs are highly trained, regulated professionals, requiring licenses and adhering to strict ethical guidelines. All of our IPs at Rodgers Reidy have extensive knowledge of insolvency laws and regulations, ensuring clients receive accurate and up-to-date information and minimising the risk of legal complications.

Comprehensive Solutions

Unlike debt solvers or pre-insolvency advisors who might focus on a single aspect of financial distress at Rodgers Reidy, we offer holistic solutions. We assess the entire financial situation, considering legal, financial, and operational aspects to tailor a strategy that suits each client’s unique circumstances.

Legal Protection and Representation

When engaging an IP at Rodgers Reidy, our clients gain an advocate who understands the legal intricacies of insolvency. This provides protection against potential legal actions from creditors and ensures that clients’ rights are upheld throughout the process.

Formal Insolvency Procedures

Should the situation require formal insolvency proceedings, such as bankruptcy or liquidation, the IPs at Rodgers Reidy are qualified to guide our clients through these complex processes. Debt solvers and pre-insolvency advisors may not have the legal authority to manage such proceedings.

Creditor Relations

At Rodgers Reidy, our IPs are skilled negotiators with experience in dealing with creditors. We have strong relationships with main financiers, local governments, and regulatory bodies with extensive knowledge of the local marketplace in which we operate, which leads to more successful negotiations and debt restructuring. This type of outcome might not be as achievable with debt solvers or pre-insolvency advisors.

Ethical Considerations

A previously outlined, IPs are bound by strict ethical standards and are closely regulated by ASIC, which ensures that they prioritise their clients’ best interests. This type of regulation is in stark contrast with some debt solvers and pre-insolvency advisors that, in additional to the lack of regulations, may charge upfront fees without delivering promised results.


Facing financial distress is undeniably challenging, but seeking professional help is a crucial step towards a more secure future.

While debt solvers and pre-insolvency advisors might offer initial solutions, the unmatched expertise, comprehensive services, legal protection, and ethical considerations provided by IPs make them the superior choice.

When financial difficulties arise, the guidance and support of a qualified IP can mean the difference between a successful financial recovery and further hardships.

With offices throughout each State of Australia and the Northern Territory the IPs at Rodgers Reidy are able to provide you with knowledgeable recommendations tailored to your specific needs. We offer a free, no obligation upfront consultation. Do not hesitate to contract an IP to discuss your financial situation.

Matthew Riley

Director - Tasmania

Matt Riley is a director of Rodgers Reidy Tasmania.

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Matthew Riley

Director - Tasmania

Matt Riley is a director of Rodgers Reidy Tasmania.

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