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Business Evaluation Services.

As the adage correctly states, failing to plan is actually planning to fail. And even though evidence confirms that less than 70% of strategic initiatives are ever delivered exactly as intended, operating without a clear, actionable, ongoing strategy is the most direct path to a declining business. To mitigate these risks and ensure long-term success, it is crucial to seek expert guidance from corporate advisory services and leverage business valuation services for informed decision-making.

It may appear possible that a struggling but once-healthy business can bounce back, survive and thrive, so we offer the following:

  • Examination of the current financial position of the business
  • Identification of the root causes of the business problems
  • Assessment of the viability of the business
  • Identification and commentary on the alternatives available to the company to deal
    with its difficulties
  • Recommendation of an appropriate course of action

Business Plan & Strategic Planning

  • Do you have a vision for your business that is clearly articulated in a 3 to 5 year strategic business plan? If not, what form does your strategic plan take and how will it be implemented?
  • Does your business plan incorporate a forecast for performance using an integrated profit and loss, cash flow and balance sheet model?
  • Has your existing management team historically delivered against similar type and scale of change initiatives?
  • What proportion of intended improvements are within your control and what is the implementation risk?
  • What specific risks exist, and how can you manage those in a downturn caused by events outside your control?
  • Are you equipped to manage external resources or specialists?
  • Do you have a robust implementation plan? What is the process for monitoring success and re-evaluating progress?
  • Who are you communicating with? About what? How often?

Business Reporting & Performance

Having the right information to make the best business decisions is critical to everything from off-plan performance to restoring and improving profitability.

We can help you evaluate and enhance your business reporting to ensure you focus more of your resources on actual performance drivers. Our industry experts can assist with:

  • Controls reviews
  • Process improvement
  • Financial systems and reporting

Talk to us about how to access the data your business needs to underpin your decision-making processes.

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