SBR by Rodgers Reidy

We have a team of SBR Registered Practitioners who are experts in assisting businesses that meet the government’s criteria to restructure their businesses. On this page, you will find a number of print-ready documents that explain the Small Business Restructure process in different industries.

SBR Brochures

Case Studies

A Summary of Our Case Studies

*Approximate figures only
  • Supplier of architectural and design services.
  • Business ceased trading from March 2020 to July 2021.
  • Carried a legacy debt when trading recommenced.
Debt: $179,318
SBR: $40,000
Rate: 20.30c/$
  • A bakery with both retail and wholesale activity.
  • There was a dramatic downturn in sales during the COVID pandemic.
  • Carried a superannuation liability along with a debt to the ATO and unsecured lenders.
Debt: $585,333
SBR: ~$70,000
Rate: 17.72c/$
  • Two related businesses restructured at the same time.
  • Reduced cashflow during the COVID Pandemic with lockdowns affecting the buitding and construction industry.
Debt: $274,274 & $422,784
SBR: $55,000 & $70,000
Rate: 19.06c/$ & $23.71c/$
  • Production and installation of steel frames.
  • Increase in the costs of materials and the level of fixed costs.
Debt: $380,000
SBR: $75,000
Rate: 18.95c/$
  • Steel fabrication and general engineering services.
  • Reduction in work from travel restrictions.
Debt: $542,000
SBR: $100,000
Rate: 18.5c/$
Hospitality – Cafe
  • Regional Café with 22 employees.
  • Victorian State Government lockdowns impacted sales with little or no reduction in fixed costs.
Debt: $260,000
SBR: $48,250
Rate: 18.54c/$
Hospitality – Hotel/Pub
  • Hotel/pub with approximately 40 employees.
  • Melbourne-based pub that suffered through lockdowns.
  • Needed to clear pay its owed superannuation to eligible.
Debt: $323,000
SBR: $35,000
Rate: 10.82c/$
Hospitality – Hotel/Pub
  • Hotel/pub with approximately 20 employees.
  • Regional city in NSW
Debt: $425,000
SBR: $75,000
Rate: 17.62c/$
Hospitality – Restaurant
  • Italian restaurant in metropolitan Melbourne.
  • Significant debt to the ATO.
  • Ceased trading 3 months prior to the SBR.
Debt: $165,000
SBR: $35,000
Rate: 20.34c/$
Interior Design
  • Commercial interior design consultancy.
  • Most of the business’s projects were cancelled or significantly delayed.
Debt: $320,000
SBR: $71,000
Rate: 22.24c/$
  • Provides transport services as a subcontractor.
  • Escalating fuel costs and an inability to change fixed rates.
Debt: $450,000
SBR: $73,000
Rate: 16.18c/$