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Accounting Symposium: Cryptocurrency, Tax Changes and SBR Update.

Categories: News, Small Business RestructureJuly 20, 2022


Hosted by Brent Morgan, our next Accountants Symposium deals with Cryptocurrency, Tax Changes and Small Business Restructures.

Luke Matias from Matias Group is a cryptocurrency and business finance expert who will take us through some of the real-world and accounting issues for cryptocurrency, including:

  • Market analysis and dealing with the mindset of clients who are invested in the industry.
  • Options available to offer clients to minimise CGT on transactions – using digital currencies, rather than trading.
  • How to use digital assets to build ‘real world’ assets.
  • The ability to tokenise ‘real world’ assets.

Neil Brydges & Edward Hennebry from Sladen Legal are tax lawyers who will talk about Trusts, sub-trusts, beneficiaries, Division 7A, section 100A, and UPEs – what you need to know

For family groups and small and medium enterprises, Division 7A is (arguably) the area of taxation compliance that causes the most angst for taxpayers and advisors. Coupled with this, in recent years the ATO has raised the spectre of ‘section 100A’, a decades old provision of the tax legislation, to commonplace dealings within family groups.
In this ever-important area, this session will consider:

  • Division 7A including:
    • the ATO’s updated views on unpaid present entitlements (UPEs) that apply from 1 July 2022; and
    • what do those views mean for pre-1 July 2022 UPEs;
  • Section 100A including the updated ATO views and what this may mean for you and your clients both retrospectively and moving forward.

Cassandra Risteska will update you on the latest news in the Small Business Restructure regime, including a 17.72c/$ return for a bakery.

This Seminar will be simulcast as a Webinar and will have a light lunch for those in attendance at our offices. If issues arise and we cannot host the Seminar, we will run this as a Webinar only and advise you as early as possible. The web link will be sent after registration.

This Seminar/Webinar carries 1 CPD point.

Luke Matias is the founder of the Matias Group, a tech-based finance broker for businesses. Based on a core principle of ‘All Finance for All Business’, Matias Group has the right relationships to help in almost any business matter, linking those looking for finance to more than 300 lenders using artificial intelligence. His tech approach has seen him as an early adopter of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

Neil Brydges, is a Principal Lawyer in Sladen Legal’s Tax group. Neil practices in all areas of direct and indirect tax, with a particular focus on the taxation of trusts, corporate tax, M&A and Division 7A. Neil has also advised extensively on cross-border taxation issues. Using his technical tax knowledge, Neil works with clients to obtain commercial and practical outcomes and Neil has experience in dealing with the ATO on complex tax issues in a dispute resolution context. Neil is an Accredited Specialist in Taxation Law and Chair of the Tax & Revenue Law Committee with the Law Institute of Victoria, a member of the Tax Committee of the Law Council of Australia, and a Chartered Tax Adviser and member of the Dispute Resolution Technical Committee with The Tax Institute.

Edward Hennebry, is a Senior Associate in the Business Law team at Sladen Legal. Edward commenced his career in the ATO’s Tax Counsel Network and Review and Dispute Resolution Business Lines. Since leaving the ATO, Edward has worked in a number of large accounting and national law firms, enabling him to diversify his knowledge of prevalent tax and commercial issues that affect private clients and family groups across a wide range of industries. Edward is a Fellow of and member of Small and Medium Enterprise Technical Committee with The Tax Institute.

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